the 5-hour vs the 12-hour photo package

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The first thing to realize is that the 5-Hour Photo Package is a 1-photographer package. 

It includes up to 5 consecutive hours from only one photographer.

A 1-photographer package is designed for very small weddings, couples on a very strict budget and couples wanting mostly a "traditional" style of photography.

With only one photographer, the "have-to-have" groups including shots of the family and bridal party , etc. MUST be done first to make sure they get taken. 

And, it's only after the posing is finished that the one photographer can look for the candids, the moments, etc.

With the 5-Hour Photo 1-Photographer Package, you'll get mostly posed shots since there is simply not enough time for one photographer to get the posing and a lot of candids.

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On the other hand, the 12-Hour Photo Package is a 2-photographer package and the purpose of having two photographers is so that while one photographer is busy doing the "have-to-have" shots, the second photographer (a photo-journalist) is recording the FUN, the PRIVATE MOMENTS, the CANDIDS and the DETAILS . . . everything that creates the story of your day.

Because we think wedding photography is as much about "Telling-The-Wedding-Day-Story" as it is about recording the groups, our 2-photographer package is by far the most popular of the two packages.

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So, you're probably thinking that you don't need 12 hours of time covered.

You're absolutely right!  You don't need 12 consecutive hours.

That's why at our Organizational Meeting , few months before the wedding, together we will creatively overlap and stagger the two photographers to meet your needs using a total of twelve hours of combined time.

You probably don't need two photographers when you're getting ready . . . and you don't need two photographers after dinner.

In most cases, this overlap of the twelve hours allows enough time for the groups and enough  time for the "story-telling" images.

This philosophy makes our pricing a lot more affordable.

When twelve hours isn't enough time, additional time can be added very inexpensively.