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Red carpet "Media" Booth

Your guests will feel like they're at the Academy Awards?

Red carpet "media" style photo booths are now the rage!

You'll love your custom designed "media" background we've made just for you. It'll be like the one above with your names and other graphics on it.

Select from two "media" style design templates.

Or, we also offer a gold shimmer background without any text.

At the reception, your guests will select from our assortment
of party props for all of the fun!

A real live photographer does the picture taking.

A few minutes later, the photos are viewed on a kiosk.

From the kiosk, guests can decide to print large 4x6 photos, ready in just a few minutes.

Or, they can email photos to anyone they wish.

Finally, they can post photos to either Facebook or Twitter.

You receive a copy of all the files.

We'll do all of the work for you.

You'll love the EXCITEMENT and FUN! 

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Imagine that you run into an old friend a few months after your wedding who was out of town when you got married and had to miss the fun.

 She is so excited for you and wants to see pics! 

You lift your hand which just happens to be holding your phone. After all, it's always in your hand.

You show her the photo ICON  of you and your Groom that resides right there on your Home Screen.  She is so impressed because she's never seen anything like this before.

With a quick tap on the ICON, your wedding pics instantly appear for her to enjoy because they reside in your APP right in your phone.

In addition to the photos, you are so excited to also show her your wedding video. It's there too!

It's as fast and natural as checking your Facebook timeline because your Own Mobile Wedding App is always there.

There's no logging onto a web site and no passwords.

 - - - - - - 

Imagine the same thing happening to your parents.

They've also installed the APP on their phones, so no problem.

You'll love the feeling of always having your wedding photos and video with you.



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